Inaugural Mohbat Prize winner Sasha Fletcher with Jo Anne Simon in grey, Joanna Underwood (left) and Betty Lewis.

Inaugural Mohbat Prize winner Sasha Fletcher with organizing team members Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon (left) and Betty Lawrence Lewis

The Mohbat Prize for Writing is now in its sixth year. Mohbat prize winners have attended Colgate, Hunter, Penn State, SUNY Albany, Syracuse, and Wesleyan University. All of them were inspired to compete for this award and will remember that decision for the their college lives and beyond. For them, and for all the students who made the decision to apply for this award, good writing is in their futures.

The Mohbat Prize was created by the friends and family of Joe Mohbat shortly following his death in 2011. All understood his love of writing, journalism and the English language and his inclination to share those interests with aspiring young writers.

The Mohbat Prize is their expression of who he was and how his life could continue to impact others. The goal is to further good writing by identifying and helping promising young writers at the high school level, just as Mohbat did with Verdery Knights. Read more in the Wall Street Journal coverage, “Scholarships for Young Writers” (July 5, 2012).

The Mohbat Fund, led by Nancy Schuh, thanks all those who have participated on the selection committee and served as Prize judges. These include Richard Anderson, Dolores Barclay, Marcia Cantarella, Askia Egashira, Marilyn Gelber, Thomas Giovanni, James Houtrides, Nancy Kirk, Henrik Krogius, Mitchell Pacelle, Matt Schudel, Jo Anne Simon, Patti Sullivan and Joanna Underwood.

Thanks also go to members of the organizing team, all of whom helped make this effort a success. In addition to Nancy Schuh, these are: Richard Anderson, Betty Lawrence Lewis, Jo Anne Simon, John and Nancy Stewart and Joanna Underwood.

You can help encourage good writing by making a donation to the Mohbat Fund through the Brooklyn Community Foundation. Note that checks should be made out to:  The Brooklyn Community Foundation, memo Mohbat Fund.

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